Knobbe/Martens: Intellectual Property Law

Appellate Litigation

Whether defending a favorable judgment or overturning an unfavorable one, Knobbe Martens has the legal and technical experience needed to achieve our clients’ objectives on appeal. The proof is in the results—our attorneys have secured numerous significant appellate victories for clients before the Federal Circuit and other state and federal appellate courts. Our passion for law and technology provides each client with the cutting-edge skill required to achieve a positive result.

Our appellate team includes ten former Federal Circuit law clerks, including a former associate solicitor of the Patent & Trademark Office.  As a result, we understand, from practical and hands-on experience, the key strategies for briefing and arguing even the most sophisticated appellate cases to the court.

After the introduction of post-grant review proceedings, our firm has parlayed its wealth of experience before the Patent and Trademark Office and Federal Circuit to achieve particular success in the appeal of inter partes reviews. Our proven abilities in this specialized discipline allow us to take an integrated approach to appellate practice, which often leads to favorable results for our clients.

Recognizing the importance of pro bono projects, we actively represent U.S. service veterans in appeals to the U.S. Court of Appeals of Veterans Claims.  In addition, we have written an array of persuasive amicus briefs to the U.S. Supreme Court, various U.S. courts of appeal and state supreme courts in cases having particular impact on the development of intellectual property and technology law. Our briefs have impacted legal policy across the country

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