Financial Services & Business Methods

Our Financial Services and Business Methods Group handles patent matters and manages patent assets for some of the world’s largest software, e-commerce and financial services companies. We also frequently assist startup companies in developing procedures and strategies for protecting their innovations.

Our extensive experience includes patent landscape searching, patent clearance analysis, and detailed evaluation of third-party patent infringement assertions. We also counsel clients regarding strategic development of technologies, indemnification issues, and licensing agreements. We have developed and implemented comprehensive intellectual property programs for pre-litigation, licensing and enforcement purposes.

In the financial sector, we advise our clients regarding non-disclosure agreements, trade secrets, and patents. We have particular experience with systems for market analysis and trading, credit processing and monitoring, and provisioning structured securities. Our experience in the financial services arena, together with our experience with the relevant law, allows us to provide our clients with valuable insights into complex issues such as evaluating tradeoffs between the various forms of intellectual property protection.

The growing impact of business methods in a connected, global economy is reflected in our success with prosecuting patent applications in foreign countries. Working with select attorneys around the world, we have experienced successes in places such as Europe, India and China.

Our attorneys have experience in all areas of Financial Services and Business Methods, including:

Cloud computing platforms

Mobile computing paradigms and systems

Personalization algorithms

User interfaces

Cutting edge e-commerce systems

Mobile payment systems

Digital content creation and distribution

Credit Monitoring & Reporting

Coordinated multi-computer data processing

Content caching and delivery

Advertisement provisioning

Social networking deployment and integration

Financial indices and products

Mobile applications

Web services

Representative Engagements





Starbucks Coffee Company (mobile payment systems and mobile applications)


Representative Exits

In 2006, HP acquired our client Mercury Interactive for $4.5 billion. We handled substantially all of the company’s patent matters from the company’s inception to its acquisition.


Credit Management Services v. Fisher & Paykel Financial Services Ltd.

Represented Fisher & Paykel in ICDR arbitration proceeding by challenging the jurisdiction of the arbitration panel and successfully obtained a dismissal with prejudice of the entire arbitration.

Custom Connect v. Bartholomew

We represented the plaintiff Custom Connect in a case involving customer lists. We obtained a permanent injunction and judgment by consent, an apology letter to the industry, and a substantial settlement payment from the defendants.

PTAB Required to Provide Interpretation of Regulation Concerning Determination of Which Patents Qualify for CBM Review
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