Knobbe/Martens: Intellectual Property Law


Knobbe Martens advises its clients on a wide variety of antitrust issues.  We work with clients proactively to structure a broad range of agreements to both meet the client's goals and comply with antitrust laws.  Should the need arise, we have broad experience litigating many aspects of antitrust law, including monopolization, attempted monopolization, tying, group boycotts, conspiracies, exclusive dealing, restraints of trade and patent misuse.  

Thanks to the strong technical and scientific backgrounds of our attorneys, we are adept at handling antitrust issues involving technology.  We understand the details of our clients’ technology, giving us deep insight into the impact of the technology from both a business and legal standpoint.

We also bring valuable expertise in both antitrust and intellectual property law.  All our antitrust attorneys have years of experience with enforcement and procurement of intellectual property rights, so they’re able to anticipate and mitigate any perceived tension between antitrust and intellectual property laws.

With a rare blend of technical, strategic and legal leadership, Knobbe Martens effectively represents our client’s antitrust interests, while positioning the strength of their IP rights in the future.

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