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Healthcare Information Technology

Healthcare Information Technology

As technology continues to open exciting new vistas in healthcare, leading innovators depend on our Healthcare Information Technology Group to help them secure and protect the breakthroughs that empower providers and benefit patients. Many within our team hold advanced degrees in Medicine (M.D.), Computer Science, Biomedical Engineering, Computer Engineering, and Electrical Engineering, giving them unique perspectives into the many medical, legal, professional and economic dynamics that shape this important industry.

Our range of expertise is truly unmatched, and includes invention harvesting and prioritization; offensive portfolio strategy; internal IP audits; international IP strategy; competitive landscape evaluation; right-to-practice studies; design-around strategy; investment and acquisition diligence; reexaminations, priority contests and opposition; and litigation.

To date we have filed more than 5,000 healthcare patent applications in fields ranging from hospital network systems and medical imaging to patient parameter monitoring and mobile applications for clinicians and patients. In addition, we have helped promote innovation in cardiac pacing and defibrillation, distributed storage of medical data, glucose monitoring, medical telemetry, personalized medicine, and the secure storage and transmission of medical records.

We also launched, a free cooperative portal that provides corporate, regulatory, legal, manufacturing, and other resources for entrepreneurs, executives, clinicians, researchers, investors, and corporate board members who are exploring a start-up, joint venture or spin-off in the medical device industry.

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