Knobbe/Martens: Intellectual Property Law



The world’s leading generic pharmaceutical companies and a large number of pharmaceutical and drug development companies rely on us for the insight, innovation and expertise they need to succeed in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

We routinely represent pharmaceutical companies that specialize in the development of small molecule and biologic drugs—providing full-scale services that include everything from product conception to exit strategies. Our legal and technical expertise spans virtually all therapeutic areas and stages of the drug development process. Likewise, our clients cover the spectrum from venture-funded startups and university spin-offs to publically-traded companies. The majority of our lawyers and patent scientists hold advanced degrees in chemistry, biology, or a closely related field. A large number also have worked in the pharmaceutical industry, enabling them to deliver keen business insight on issues facing our clients.

Our services entail all aspects of the patent process, including but not limited to patentability, infringement, and validity searches and opinions (with extensive chemical structure search experience); preparation, filing and prosecution of patent applications both domestically and worldwide; appeals and interferences; and reexaminations and reissues. In addition, we offer broad-based strategic portfolio management – helping our clients to develop interlocking families of patents that cover the entire pharmaceutical life cycle and maximize the patent term.

We’re also adept at providing guidance, due diligence, and agreement drafting for investors and pharmaceutical companies regarding a number of business-critical issues, including research collaborations, in-licensing, out-licensing, asset divestiture, mergers and acquisitions, and public offerings. And, we foster opportunity by providing access to several venture capital and angel investing groups.

As the pharmaceutical industry has evolved, so have we. Today we represent some of the world’s largest and most successful generic pharmaceutical companies—helping them bring generic versions of many of the world’s best-selling and well-known drugs to market, while maximizing and monetizing their pharmaceutical opportunities. Our services span every aspect of pharmaceutical-related intellectual property, including strategic counseling, litigation under the Hatch-Waxman Act, settlement, pre-suit analysis and Paragraph IV letters, and opinion letters.

We have multiple litigators who have firstchaired trials and appeals for several key drugs. We also have represented companies holding first-to-file status on several of the world’s best-selling drugs. Our trial teams are supported by several attorneys who hold advanced degrees in chemical sciences. We also have attorneys who have served in key positions at leading pharmaceutical firms, giving us a solid understanding of critical business issues facing our pharmaceutical clients.

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