Clean Technology

Clean Technology touches upon nearly all areas of science and industry—making it a natural for the diverse skills and deep experience of our Cleantech Group.

Internationally recognized leaders in IP across the spectrum of clean technologies, the group works closely with clients both domestically and worldwide, providing them with a full range of IP law services including patent and trademark prosecution, counseling and negotiation regarding licensing and strategic alliances, representation during IP due diligence, and all aspects of enforcement litigation.

Our clients are active in nearly all areas of clean technology, including solar and wind power, renewable energy, desalination and other water technologies, waste mitigation and treatment, bioenergy, clean transportation, and green building and construction.

Reflecting the interdisciplinary nature of clean technologies and their vast array of applications, our Cleantech Group has expertise in a wide range of technical fields. In addition, we also bring our experience, insight and professional relationships to bear for our clients, helping them more effectively identify, develop and commercialize emerging “green” technologies.

Our attorneys have experience in all areas of Clean Technology, including:

Biodegradable Materials


Green Transportation

Drinking Water Treatment

Energy Conservation

Geothermal Energy



Solar Power

Water Conservation

Bioenergy & Biofuels

Green Chemistry


Emissions Abatement

Energy Efficient Technologies

Green Building & Construction


Remediation & Bioremediation

Waste Mitigation & Treatment

Wind Power

Representative Engagements

ACCIONA Solar Power

Advanced Algae



DXV Water Technologies

Energy Innovations

Fertile Earth

Gentherm Incorporated



Ocean Alliance

Regents of the University of California

Samsung SDI

Solar Energy Production Corporation (SEPCOR)



WaterHealth International, Inc. (Dr. Ashok Gadgil’s UV WaterWorks™)


UV Waterworks™ Device

Dr. Ashok Gadgil, an inductee into the National Inventors Hall of Fame, is recognized for his UV Waterworks™ water disinfection device that has made drinking water safe for over 100 million people across four continents. Knobbe Martens partner Adeel Akhtar worked with Dr. Gadgil to secure the patent for his ground breaking water purification device.

The patent examination process for Dr. Gadgil’s UV Waterworks device presented many challenges, and was at first denied patentability. Unfazed by the Patent Office’s initial finding, Akhtar responded to the rejections to persuade the Patent Office to grant a patent for Dr. Gadgil’s invention. In a further reexamination proceeding, Akhtar encouraged Dr. Gadgil to accompany him to the Patent Office in Washington D.C. to explain, in-person, the far reaching potential of his revolutionary invention and to argue for its patentability. Dr. Gadgil’s sincerity and unwavering belief in the life changing capabilities of his invention, in conjunction with Akhtar’s skillful defense of the simple ingenuity of the water disinfection device, eventually swayed the examiner to confirm patentability for the inventions embodied in the UV Waterworks™ device.

Kruse Technology Partnership v. Cummins, Inc.

Represented plaintiff in patent infringement litigation; negotiated settlement.

Kruse Technology Partnership v. General Motors and Kruse Technology Partnership v. DMAX

Represented plaintiff in patent infringement litigation; negotiated settlement after formal mediation.

Kruse Technology Partnership v. Isuzu

Represented plaintiff in patent infringement litigation; negotiated settlement of patent infringement litigation via formal mediation.

Kruse Technology Partnership v. Caterpillar, CV 04-10435 PA

Represented plaintiff in patent litigation over diesel engine combustion technology, defeated Caterpillar’s summary judgment of non-infringement and invalidity, negotiated settlement before trial (December 2008).

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