Food & Beverage

Our Food and Beverage Group provides a complete menu of intellectual property law services to the world’s leading growers and makers of coffee and tea, energy drinks, baked goods, candy and confections, fruits and vegetables, dairy products, nutritional extracts and nutraceutical supplement bars, drinks and shakes, bottled water, award winning wines and beers, and fine spirits.

We help these purveyors clear and obtain patents and trademark registrations throughout the world; develop and protect trade dress rights, copyrights, domain name registrations and acquisitions; and implement brand licensing. We also have significant experience in enforcing food and beverage related patents, trademarks, trade dress and copyrights, including litigation on behalf of our clients in state and federal courts, as well as working with customs agents, local police and foreign authorities to confiscate and prevent the importation of counterfeit or infringing products.

Our attorneys have experience in all areas of Food and Beverage, including:

Coffee & Tea

Fruits & Vegetables


Wines & Spirits

Energy Drinks & Soft Drinks

Juices & Water

Snack Foods

Representative Engagements

Aqua Pumpkin (Wine)

Alban Vineyards (Wine)

Australia Vodka Company Pty Limited (Vodka)

BAI Brands (Fruit Juices and Sports Drinks)

Baseline of Health, Jon and Kristen Barron (Food Supplements)

Beckham Brand Limited (Staple and Snack Foods, Beverages)

BJ’s Restaurants (Pizza, Beer, PIZOOKIE® dessert, one of nation’s fastest growing restaurant chains)

Calistoga Ranch/Olympus Calistoga (Wine)

Carl Karcher Enterprises, Inc. (Carl’s Jr., Hardee's and Green Burrito -- Hamburgers, Sandwiches and Beverages)

Casa De Sonoma/The Foley Family Wine Group (Wine)

Castle Custard (Custard Ice Cream)

Channel Islands Roasting Company (Coffee)

Cornaby’s (Fruit Preserves)

Faberge Limited/Faberge Services Limited (Staple and Snack Foods, Beverages)

Frozsun Foods (Frozen Fruits, Fruit Beverages)

Grgich Hills Cellar (Wine)

Green Tea Terrace (Tea)

Grenade Beverage (Sports and Energy Drinks)

Grupo Corona (Distilled Spirits)

Hangar 24 Craft Brewery (Beers)

House Foods Corporation (Staple and Snack Foods)

Human Performance Labs (Sports Drinks)

J and L Wine (Wine)

Jelly Belly Candy Company (Jelly Beans and Candy)

Juicexpress (Fruit and Vegetable Drinks and Juices)

Laila Ali/Bee Line (Condiments, Salad Dressings, Salsas)

La Paz Products, Inc. (Cocktail Mixes and Tequila)

Lithia Mineral Water (Mineral Water)

Magna Foods (Candy)

Monster Energy Company (Monster Energy® energy drinks and Hansen's® beverages)

Mocca Food Co. (Coffee and Teas)

Oriental Brewery Co. (Ingredients for Making Beers and Liqueurs)

Palm Springs Steak and Chop House

Palm Springs Village Pub

Pantainorasingh Manufacturer Co. (Vegetables, Spices, Fruit and Vegetable Beverages)

Peter Rabbit Farms (Fruits and Vegetables)

SCOR Physical Therapy (Sports Drinks)

Scottish & Newcastle Limited (Newcastle Beer)

Sherman's Deli and Bakery

simplehuman (Coffee and Teas)

Smokewood Foods (Snack Foods)

Sunrise Growers (Fruits and Vegetables)

Sun World International (Fruits and Vegetables)

Suzanne Somers (Health foods and Snack Items)

Starbucks Coffee Company (Coffee, Tea, Sandwiches and Snack Foods)

Sweet Life Enterprises (Bakery Products and Snack Foods)

Tai Wing Wah Restaurant and Bakery (Bakery Products and Beverages)

TailGate Beer (Beer)

Tareef Talala (Bottled Water)

The FRS Company (Supplements, Sports Drinks and Energy Drinks, Chews and Shots)

Velocity Marketing Group (Sports Drinks)

Vita-Tech International (Food Supplements)

Whittard Trading Limited (Coffee, Tea and Cocoa-Based Beverages)

Winegrowers of Ara Limited (Wine)


Hansen Beverage Company / Monster Energy Company

We have represented Hansen in numerous cases in California and other states enforcing the client’s copyrights, trademarks and trade dress rights in the M Claw icon against infringing uses on clothing and other merchandise.

Hansen Beverage Company v. Cytosport Inc. (C.D. Cal)

Represented owner of MONSTER ENERGY trademark in trademark infringement, unfair competition and false advertising litigation against defendant protein beverage manufacturer using MONSTER MILK mark. Obtained a preliminary injunction in plaintiff’s favor. Case settled favorably on eve of trial.

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