In QSR Article, Knobbe Martens Attorneys Analyze Momofuku’s Enforcement of “Chile Crunch” Trademark

In the QSR article “Inside Momofuku’s Battle Over ‘Chili Crunch’ Trademark,” Knobbe Martens lawyers Alexander Zeng, Brandon Hupka and Jonathan Hyman discuss the evolution of Momofuku’s trademark enforcement strategy.  Through the lens of trademark law, the authors explain how Momofuku’s recent trademark issue unfolded, beginning with the company’s acquisition of a new trademark and its subsequent trademark enforcement strategy.  The authors also examine how public conversation and criticism ultimately factored into this saga which led to Momofuku abandoning its enforcement strategy.

Applying the outcome of Momofuku’s trademark battle to brand owners, the authors maintain, “this story serves as a cautionary tale that rights owners need to balance the legal requirement to enforce their trademarks with considerations outside of trademark law that could impact their business.”

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