Aerospace & Space Technology

At Knobbe Martens, we are driven to provide comprehensive, cutting-edge intellectual property law counsel to the aerospace and space technology industries.

Our range of services reflects the diversity and dynamic nature of these highly specialized markets. We advise on patent, trademark and copyright prosecution in the United States and worldwide. We are involved in patent watching, as well as in conducting patentability, infringement and validity searches and opinions. We advocate client rights in patent appeals and interferences and patent reexaminations and reissues, as well as in all aspects of enforcement litigation, including post grant proceedings. We also negotiate and close the full array of IP transactions such as licensing contracts, supplier agreements, strategic alliances, and distribution and agency relationships.

Our experience in aerospace and space tech is extensive and includes avionics, flight and radar technology, commercial aviation, propulsion, control engineering, aircraft and structures, materials science, acoustics, nacelle and thrust reversers, and STOL aircraft. Our attorneys are personally dedicated to remaining ahead of the curve when it comes to the developments that drive these industries, and serve as active members of relevant trade groups and other associations. By staying up-to-date with emerging technologies and trends, we are able to develop winning strategies grounded in sound legal and business theory.


ITT Aerospace Controls

Meggitt PLC

LIFT by EnCore

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