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If it grows, chances are good our AgBio group has been involved with it. From the lab to the field and beyond, our experience and expertise spans nearly every aspect of the agricultural industry, including the procurement and enforcement of plant patents such as ornamental flowers and fruit; utility patents on modified plants and related technologies (e.g. gene expression platforms, genetic engineering of plant traits, and genetic control of growth characteristics); genomic analysis and computational biology; enzymes and industrial biotechnology; synthetic biology; the protection and enforcement of plant improvements and genetic modifications; animal husbandry and the protection of transgenic animals; food development and manufacturing, including bioactive ingredients, food preservation and food processing technologies; and extensive licensing work throughout the AgBio industry.

Our attorneys combine proven legal skill with deep industry experience as plant geneticists to provide the full range of legal and technical services and support. They are well versed in the business dynamics of the agricultural industry, and adept at advising clients in the introduction and application of new technologies and processes.

Our global network reflects the impact and importance of food production to a growing world population. Our close relationship with highly-skilled foreign associates and contacts helps our clients efficiently file worldwide, including markets such as Morocco and Egypt.

Additionally, we have developed proprietary tools that allow us to help plant breeders quickly and cost-effectively identify patentable features and secure rights.

Our attorneys have experience in all areas of AgBio, including:

  • Biofuels
  • Plant patents
  • Transgenic plants
  • Transgenic animals
  • Gene expression technologies
  • Genomics
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