Lessons From Young Sheldon: Matt Pham and Baraa Kahf Offer Tips for Young Inventors in IPWatchdog Article

| Matthew PhamBaraa Kahf

In the IPWatchdog article “Young Sheldon’s Inventorship Woes: Important Lessons for All Young Inventors,” associate Matt Pham and partner Baraa Kahf offer advice for young inventors who are looking to protect their intellectual property and patent their inventions.

Using examples of the complex workings of intellectual property disputes and inventorship from the television show Young Sheldon, Pham and Kahf focus on three key takeaways for young inventors:

  1. No one is ever too young to be an inventor.
  2. Student inventors should familiarize themselves with the intellectual property policies of their educational institutions.
  3. To obtain U.S. patent protection, inventors must demonstrate “reduction to practice”.

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