Knobbe Martens Client Nomadix Prevails On Summary Judgment

| Mark LezamaAlan G. Laquer

On January 27, the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California granted summary judgment in favor of Nomadix, Inc., ruling that competitor Blueprint RF infringes Nomadix’s patented Internet-access technology. The court also denied three summary judgment motions that Blueprint filed in an attempt to avoid infringement and to invalidate Nomadix’s patents.

Knobbe Martens Partner Doug Muehlhauser, Nomadix’s lead litigation counsel, stated, “Nomadix is a true pioneer in Internet access, and this ruling affirms Nomadix’s decision to protect its valuable technologies.”

Nomadix is a leading provider of intelligent network devices, and offers solutions for secure wireless computing, bandwidth management, visitor-based networks and public Internet access. Knobbe Martens filed a patent infringement suit on behalf of Nomadix in October 2014, raising claims of infringement against Blueprint on seven Nomadix patents.

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