The EU AI Act – Why Companies All Over the World Should Be Preparing: A Conversation with Hanane Fathi Roswall

| Mauricio Uribe

In this episode of the Knobbe IP+ podcast, Knobbe Martens partner Mauricio A. Uribe speaks with European Patent Attorney and Ph. D. Hanane Fathi Roswall on the recently adopted EU AI Act. Similar to the EU GDPR, the EU AI Act will soon begin entry into force and has the potential to affect companies on a worldwide basis. Mauricio and Hanane explore the current state of the EU AI Act and the specifics of the regulatory impact on companies. In-house counsel and compliance officers will gain valuable insights into the timing of adoption, key terms for scope and compliance, and enforcement mechanisms. Mauricio and Hanane also discuss how companies with plans to go to market in the EU, or those already selling products in the EU, can prepare themselves for compliance with the new law.

Listen to the episode below or read the full transcript here.

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