Japan is a leading innovation center, boasting a dynamic business and living environment within one of the world's largest economies. Knobbe Martens has a long history of helping Japanese companies successfully compete on the global stage, combining local knowledge with an international presence to provide focused, yet full-scale IP legal services.





    Trade Secrets

    Unfair Competition

    False Advertising

    Licensing & Technology Transfer

    Alternative Dispute Resolution



    Electronics and Semiconductors


    Internet of Things (IoT)


    Cloud & Mobile Computing


    Social Media

    Big Data

    Financial Services (fintech)


    Native Japanese patent scientist on staff.

    Strong legal and technical support for Japanese clients.

    Deep knowledge about the interplay between U.S. and Japanese law.

    Proficient in creating claims strategies specific to each jurisdiction.


    Named by Managing IP magazine as one of the top 10 firms in the world for international Patent Cooperation Treaty (PCT) filings.

    Conduct numerous seminars for Japanese audiences on U.S. patent law.


    Bierman v. Toshiba Corp.

    Represented Toshiba in its defense of a trade secret misappropriation action involving alleged software inventions for extending laptop battery life.   Over $100 million in damages was sought.  We successfully achieved summary judgment based on the statute of limitations and convinced the court that Bierman was constructively aware of the product features alleged to be the misappropriation because of widespread industry publications available beginning in 1988 and showed numerous inconsistencies in Bierman’s story. The summary judgment order brought a successful end to a four-year litigation.


    Typhoon Touch Technologies, Inc. v. Dell, Inc. et al.

    Typhoon filed suit against our client, Toshiba, and other leading laptop and cell phone manufacturers, alleging their touchscreen devices infringed two patents. After we obtained a District Court judgment of no infringement, the Federal Circuit affirmed. Because the patents-in-suit had been asserted against essentially any device with a touchscreen, the decision was significant, as it removed a major obstacle in the market.

    Toshiba Corp. v. Wistron Corp.

    We represented Toshiba in an ITC investigation (and a parallel district court action) involving patents on computer hardware and software features. We prosecuted the ITC investigation through discovery, with depositions taking place in Japan, Taiwan, the U.S. and Korea. Just before trial and after defeating each summary judgment motion brought by Wistron, the case settled with Wistron paying for a license under Toshiba's patents.

    Computer Docking Station Corp. v. Dell Inc. et al.

    Non-practicing entity Computer Docking Station sued our client, Toshiba, and other leading computer makers, alleging their products infringed a patent that related to computer docking technology. Though other defendants settled the case, we obtained summary judgment of non-infringement, successfully arguing the patent-in-suit did not cover docking stations and docking connectors for use with laptop computers. We subsequently obtained affirmance of the judgment by the Federal Circuit on appeal.

    Kabushiki Kaisha MegaHouse v. Anjar Co. LLC

    Knobbe Martens successfully represented MegaHouse Corp., a Japanese toy company and subsidiary of Bandai Co., Ltd., in trademark and copyright litigation regarding the famous game Othello®.  As a result, MegaHouse is now the undisputed owner and licensor of the Othello® trademark and related intellectual property. MegaHouse and its predecessors had been involved in disputes regarding the intellectual property rights in Othello® for more than a decade.  The firm filed a federal lawsuit in the Central District of California and defeated the defendants’ motion to dismiss.  The parties eventually resolved the litigation through a settlement that was favorable to MegaHouse.  The firm’s efforts helped to clarify the rights and obligations of Othello® licensees and distributors throughout the world and bring certainty to Othello® enthusiasts in time for the 2015 World Othello Championship in Cambridge, U.K.

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