Domain Name & Website Content Disputes

We are an internationally recognized leader in the area of domain name disputes and protection and enforcement of IP rights in website content, having handled numerous civil litigation and Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP) proceedings for a wide variety of clients.

Our experience encompasses audits, procurement and policy development, policing, investigation and effecting takedowns of protected subject matter from Twitter, Facebook, Google and other social media platforms. We help our clients develop, purchase, maintain and manage their domain names. We enforce and defend claims under the Anti-Cybersquatting Prevention Act, Trademark Act, Copyright Act and related statutes pertaining to domain names and website content issues.

We routinely represent our clients before the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), National Arbitration Forum (NAF) and other domain dispute arbitration administration centers. And because the web is truly worldwide, we coordinate matters involving country-code top-level domains worldwide, wherever our clients do business.


Rolex Watch USA, Inc. v. Agarwal

We sued LLC, a Los Angeles-based e-retailer, and its founder and owner, Krishnan Agarwal, for trademark counterfeiting and trademark infringement on behalf of Rolex. The court permanently enjoined the defendants from all counterfeiting and infringing activities, and also ordered the defendants to permanently take down the website, to transfer the domain name to Rolex and to deliver to Rolex all watch heads bearing its trademark. We also convinced the court to award Rolex $8.5 million in damages.

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