Design Patents

Whether your products are found on a shelf or in the Cloud, design protection plays an important role in your company’s intellectual property portfolio. A design patent protects the ornamental design of an article or product. This can include the product’s configuration, shape, or surface ornamentation, among other features. Design patents are limited to the appearance of the product and do not cover structural or utilitarian features.

Knobbe Martens has a long-established track record of obtaining and enforcing design rights worldwide. We excel in developing cost-effective strategies utilizing all of the tools in the intellectual property arsenal to protect your designs and support your global business, marketing, and branding goals. We consistently rank among the top 10 firms in the nation for obtaining design patents for our clients.

Our attorneys have experience in all areas of design patents, including:

Comprehensive Design Protection (patent, trademark, trade dress, copyright, international design and utility models) 

Continuation Design Patent Practice 


Reissue Applications

U.S. Design Patent Filings with Foreign Priority Claims 

USPTO Hague Convention Filings (beginning 2015)

Our attorneys also have technical expertise in many technologies and industries:

Automotive Accessories 

Dental Care 

Electronics and Accessories 


Fashion Merchandise (Cellphone Cases, Handbags, Apparel)

Graphical User Interfaces (Apps, Websites, Computer Programs) 

Medical Devices 

Packaging and Containers


Sporting Goods 


Representative Engagements



Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Limited


Monster Energy





Stokke SA

Smith & Nephew




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