Intellectual Property Law: What Nutraceutical Companies Should Know | Nutraceuticals World

| Rose M. Thiessen, Ph.D.

Partner Rose Thiessen, Ph.D. and attorney Samantha Markley published an article titled "Intellectual Property Law: What Nutraceutical Companies Should Know" in Nutraceuticals World on June 13, 2016. 

In an industry overflowing with new products, new formulations and new ideas, understanding the basics of intellectual property law as it relates to nutraceuticals is essential to business success.

Many products in the nutraceuticals industry fall within two categories: known or natural components for new use; and combinations of known or natural components offering enhanced performance compared to that of the individual components. Your intellectual property related to new products can be protected in different ways to offer a competitive advantage. Typically, trademarks and trade secrets are relied upon for protection; however, in certain circumstances patents may provide the optimal protection for your new product.

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