A Discussion With Amazon Counterfeit Crimes Unit’s Joe Wheatley: How Amazon Finds Bad Actors and Removes Counterfeit Products

| Gregory B. Phillips

In this inaugural episode of the Knobbe IP+ podcast, Knobbe Martens partner Greg Phillips speaks with Joe Wheatley, Senior Counsel, Amazon Counterfeit Crimes Unit, about how the Counterfeit Crimes Unit searches the Amazon platform to uncover bad actors and counterfeit products, works with brand owners of all sizes to remove counterfeit products from the platform, and works with law enforcement in the U.S. and abroad to confiscate counterfeit goods and capture bad actors. They also discuss Amazon’s online tools that brand owners can use to assist Amazon in its investigations and remove counterfeit goods, including Brand Registry, Project Zero and Transparency.

Listen to this episode below or read the full transcript here.

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