Knobbe Martens Scores Denial of Preliminary Injunction Motion

Knobbe Martens secured a win for client Pavemetrics Systems, Inc. against competitor Tetra Tech, Inc. and Tetra Tech TAS Inc. The firm successfully defeated a motion to preliminarily enjoin Pavemetrics from continuing to sell its Laser Rail Inspection System (LRAIL), which uses computer vision and deep learning to inspect railway tracks. On April 15, 2021, District Judge Mark Scarsi of the United States District Court for the Central District of California issued a 20-page decision denying Tetra Tech’s motion for a preliminary injunction. The Court held that Tetra Tech had not shown that it was likely to succeed on its claim that Pavemetrics infringes a patent related to a 3D track assessment system. The Court determined that Pavemetrics raised substantial questions on both non-infringement and invalidity.

“We are very pleased that the District Court denied the preliminary injunction motion and issued a well-reasoned decision finding no likelihood of success on the merits,” said Joseph Re, the Knobbe partner who led the opposition to the motion with partner Christy Lea. “Pavemetrics brought this action seeking a declaratory judgment that it does not infringe Tetra Tech’s patent. We were confident that we would defeat the preliminary injunction motion, and we will continue to defend Pavemetrics’ right to market its LRAIL system, making railway tracks safer for all,” added Lea.

The case is Pavemetrics Systems, Inc. v. Tetra Tech, Inc., Case No. 2:21-cv-01289-MCS-MAA (C.D. Cal. 2021). The Knobbe Martens attorneys representing Pavemetrics are Joseph Re, Christy Lea, Nicholas Zovko, and Mack Montgomery.