Jeff Van Hoosear Quoted in Bloomberg Law on Trump Sneakers, Christian Louboutin Trademark

| Jeff Van Hoosear

In the article “Trump Sneakers’ Red Soles Risk Louboutin Trademark Infringement,” trademark and brand protection practice co-chair Jeff Van Hoosear discussed the potential outcomes of a trademark dispute between luxury fashion atelier Christian Louboutin and former President Donald Trump.

The article explores the possibility of Louboutin taking legal action against former President Trump and a company producing shoes that have a red-bottomed sole on his behalf. Given that Louboutin has previously and regularly pursued legal recourse related to infringement of their signature trademark, according to the article, the fashion company might be considering the same course of action in this instance.

Responding to examples of some social media users expressing that Louboutin should take legal action, Van Hoosear suggested this might be a motivated by a desire for a publicly drawn out legal battle. “They know that Louboutin is a fighter,” he said. “They know that Trump doesn’t back down either, so this would be great, right? Two people that want to fight each other.”

Van Hoosear also offered insight into the various ways a legal dispute between Louboutin and the former president or shoe manufacturing company could play out. For instance, if Louboutin sends a cease-and-desist letter, Van Hoosear maintained, they also risk that “a potential lawsuit with Trump could be fraught with delays and threats.” Van Hoosear added that Trump could have a few defenses against a lawsuit, including maintaining that he is not a competitor in the luxury women’s fashion industry or changing the design of the shoe itself. 

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