Harnik Shukla, Vlad Teplitskiy, and Justin Theam Explore The Risks of Generative AI in Business in Article Published by Maple Business Council

Knobbe Martens attorneys Harnik Shukla, Vlad Teplitskiy, and Justin Theam authored the article “Leveraging Generative Artificial Intelligence in Business: Operations and Risks,” which was published on the Maple Business Council website.

In the article, the authors explore the use of generative artificial intelligence (AI) through a series of use cases to highlight key risks for businesses.  The article provides recommendations for adopting an Artificial Intelligence use policy.  The authors write that in order to “maximize benefits and minimize risks, businesses need to be aware of potential legal pitfalls and work with legal experts to craft an AI Policy that allows generative AI technology to be an asset rather than a burden.”

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