In New York Law Journal Article, Robb Roby Examines the Role of Intellectual Property in the Metaverse

| Robert Roby

Robb Roby, managing partner of Knobbe Martens’ New York office, authored “Intellectual Property in Virtual Worlds,” for The New York Law Journal.

In the article, Mr. Roby examines some of the IP-related issues and opportunities presented by the metaverse, as well as recent U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) guidelines on how best to identify the goods and services in trademark applications related to technologies used in the metaverse.

Mr. Roby writes, “As a collection of virtual worlds, the metaverse provides opportunities for companies to sell virtual goods that align with the company’s physical goods, or even to create virtual showrooms in which authentic physical goods can be sold to users.” He adds, “when exploring the varied uses of their marks in the metaverse, and when translating those uses to trademark applications and protection, companies should make an inventory of goods and services during a careful exploration of the specific uses the company makes, intends to make, or intends to authorize third parties to make.”

On IP challenges in the metaverse, Mr. Roby shares, “Two challenges regarding digital assets in the metaverse involve authenticating digital assets and determining proper ownership of digital assets.”

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