Harnik Shukla’s 2024 Predictions for Artificial Intelligence Featured in App Developer Magazine

| Harnik Shukla

In App Developer Magazine, Knobbe Martens partner Harnik Shukla shared insights into the rapidly-evolving uses of artificial intelligence (AI) and predicted a shift in focus from Large Language Models (LLMs) to AI tailored toward specific vertical applications in 2024.  

Shukla proposes that vertical AI applications will generally fall under two categories: first draft generation and company/field-specific AI assistants. In terms of the former, he shares examples of generative AI use in the legal field. He maintains, “While there have been instances of attorneys using ChatGPT to discover that the generated case law was fictitious, vertical applications like legal software offer a more promising solution.”

Shukla also explores the potential value of field-specific AI assistants, including streamlined employee onboarding and other tasks. However, he notes, “Ultimately, the long-term adoption of these AI solutions hinges on a critical cost-benefit analysis. For a paradigm shift to displace conventional practices in any vertical application, the AI output must deliver significant time savings and cost advantages when compared to human labor.”

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