Axios Quotes Mauricio Uribe on Changes to Zoom Terms of Service

| Mauricio Uribe

Knobbe Martens partner Mauricio Uribe was quoted by Axios in the article “Terms-of-service land grab: Tech firms seek private data to train AI.” The article discusses the challenges tech companies face while trying to deliver new AI features by collecting more data without pushing away consumers and businesses who are more mindful of privacy concerns.  

Uribe comments on the ways businesses and consumers can examine services they are using by carefully analyzing changes made to service terms. He highlights the importance of understanding how data is being used for various network AI services, including AI-based services, and how broadly permissions to utilize a user’s data for a variety of purposes.  In some instances, the network services have utilized public statements to gain comfort with broader license grants.  "Maybe you're OK with the reassurances, but at the end of the day, reassurances can change on the fly," he says. "The rights are already there. They don't need extra permission to start doing kind of what you would fear they would want to do."

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