In Another Win for Masimo, Knobbe Martens Secures Dismissal of Infringement Lawsuit

IRVINE, Calif., June 24, 2024 – Knobbe Martens secured another victory for Masimo Corporation (NASDAQ: MASI) with the successful dismissal with prejudice of a patent infringement lawsuit filed by Wrist SP Biotech, a non-practicing entity (NPE). This success is the latest in a string of successful results Knobbe Martens has achieved for Masimo. 

In August 2023 Wrist SP filed a complaint in the Western District of Texas, asserting U.S. Patent No. 11,331,015 against Masimo pulse oximetry sensors.  In the complaint, Wrist SP accused the majority of Masimo’s disposable sensor models, which are used by over 200 million patients annually, of infringement. 

On behalf of Masimo, the Knobbe Martens team first obtained a transfer of the case to the Central District of California.  Then, the team worked with Masimo to assemble evidence to support its defense. After a detailed reveal of Masimo’s defense in discovery, Wrist SP dismissed the case with no payment from Masimo.  

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The Knobbe Martens team that represented Masimo in this case was Irfan Lateef and Raymond Lu

This was the most recent success Knobbe Martens has secured on behalf of Masimo. Last month, a team from the firm represented Masimo in litigation resulting in a permanent injunction against Sotera Wireless and Foxconn regarding a patent that pertains to products that monitor vital signs. Earlier this year, the firm scored a momentous success when it secured an import ban on Apple watches that were found to infringe Masimo’s patented pulse oximetry technology. 

Commenting on these accomplishments, Masimo CEO Joe Kiani stated, “Masimo is a company that respects valid intellectual property. We are greatly appreciative of the talented and dedicated lawyers at Knobbe Martens who carefully defended these claims on the merits, and delivered an outstanding result.”  

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