Knobbe/Martens: Intellectual Property Law


Innovation is blind to borders and boundaries. That’s why Knobbe Martens maintains a truly global presence, representing clients and their interests in nearly every country in the world, and helping them achieve their international market and strategic goals.

We serve our domestic clients through a cohesive network of foreign lawyers and agents—teaming with them to quickly resolve matters in a particular country or region. Likewise, we serve our international clients throughout the U.S. to meet the full range of their U.S intellectual property requirements – whether it is litigation, patent prosecution, due diligence or trademark work. Also, we work with our foreign practitioner colleagues to represent clients in the United States.

Members of our international practice have been recognized by numerous major surveys as among the world's leading practitioners. Many are bilingual, allowing them to personally communicate with and serve foreign clients and direct foreign associates regarding local law and practice. Team members regularly travel abroad to protect our clients' rights in foreign countries, foster relationships with foreign associates, and keep abreast of local developments. Their efforts are supported by our active participation in every leading international intellectual property law organization. We also host seminars in international intellectual property law, as well as seminars and training for foreign practitioners in U.S. law. 

Vistas - International Internship Program

Learn about the Knobbe Martens International Internship Program offered for the firm’s clients, associated law firms and others having an ongoing relationship with our firm.

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