In World Trademark Review Interview, Jonathan Hyman Offers Advice for Brands to Avoid Dangers Posed by Deepfakes

| Jonathan Hyman

In the World Trademark Review article “Navigating Deepfake Risks: Age Old Problems, Brand New Tech,” Jonathan Hyman, co-chair of the firm’s advertising, media and entertainment practice group, shared practical ways for brands to manage the growing phenomenon of “deepfakes” on social media.

The article focuses on the increasing prevalence of deep synthesis technology – or “deepfakes” – that can produce “fake, but convincing, audiovisuals.” Hyman explained how he has seen bad actors “register fake duplicate Instagram accounts for brands and influencers” before using the deepfake accounts to exploit money from unknowing consumers.

To combat the risk of deepfake social media accounts, Hyman said, “Brands need to remain vigilant and monitor for fake accounts and fake postings. They should have their social media teams monitor their own social media feeds and direct messages for disgruntled consumers complaining of being scammed.” He added, “They should be ready with PR responses to combat negative press and act swiftly to have the fake accounts taken down.”

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