In New York Law Journal Article, Robb Roby Examines the FTC’s Response to the Trend of Online Review Manipulation

| Robert Roby

Robb Roby, managing partner of Knobbe Martens’ New York office, authored “Companies Should Not Fake It Until They Make It,” for The New York Law Journal.

In the article, Mr. Roby examines the recent proposal by the FTC to address fake online reviews and review manipulation, both of which may harm consumers.

“A primary goal of the proposed rules is to improve the information available to consumers by reducing the level of review manipulation in online reviews and endorsements,” writes Mr. Roby. He adds, “Businesses and individuals should keep in mind that a violation of any of these rules could result in an enforcement action by the FTC and significant financial penalties. Astute business owner should begin preparing for the implementation of the proposed rules now.”

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