Media Outlets Quote Jeremy Anapol on Supreme Court Declining to Hear Patent Eligibility Cases

| Jeremy Anapol

Knobbe Martens partner Jeremy Anapol was quoted by multiple media outlets on the Supreme Court’s decision to deny hearing two patent eligibility cases.

In the IPWatchdog article, “Michel Puts Hope in ‘Imminent’ Patent Bills Following SCOTUS Eligibility Denials,” Mr. Anapol explains that the Supreme Court’s decision denying certiorari continues the trend of turning away cases that call for more clarity in the Section 101 analysis saying, “[t]he questions presented in these cases show that the petitioners did not give the Supreme Court the tools it would need to bring more clarity to this area of the law.” He adds, “The Supreme Court may be more willing to answer the call for clarity in the Section 101 analysis if a future petitioner manages to present a question that shows the justices a clear path forward.”

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Anapol was also quoted in the Law360 article “What's Next For Patent Eligibility After Latest Denials?”. In the article, Mr. Anapol reiterated that the court may not have been interested in granting the petitions because the questions presented in each petition lacked any “concrete proposal” for how to clarify the Section 101 analysis.

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