Jonathan Hyman and Jonathan Menkes Appear on Cannabis Law Report Podcast to Discuss IP Strategies for Cannabis Brands

In a recent episode of Cannabis Law Report’s “Karma Koala Podcast,” Knobbe Martens CBD & Legal Cannabis practice co-chairs Jonathan Hyman and Jonathan Menkes shared insight into developing IP issues in the cannabis industry, following the Drug Enforcement Administration’s (DEA) announcement of a proposed rescheduling of marijuana.

Hyman and Menkes discuss how the changing regulatory landscape of the cannabis industry in the United States impacts brands’ trademark and advertising strategies. During the conversation, they touch on state and federal regulations and how the DEA’s proposed rescheduling of marijuana could affect national regulations related to packaging and branding, as well as the ability for cannabis brands to register trademarks. Hyman and Menkes also look beyond the United States and speak to developments in the international cannabis market. 

Listen to the full episode here.