IPWatchdog Quotes Mark Lezama on What’s in Store for Patent Litigation in 2023

| Mark Lezama

Partner Mark Lezama was quoted in the IPWatchdog article “What’s in Store for IP in 2023? Here’s What IPWatchdog Readers are Keeping on Their Radar.”

Lezama gave his thoughts on what to expect in patent litigation in 2023, including the possibility of new guidance for director review, high institution rates on PTAB petitions, the Western District of Texas’s decrease in new patent cases, and disclosure requirements.

Regarding disclosure requirements, Lezama shared “it will be interesting to see whether more judges adopt disclosure requirements like those that Chief Judge Connolly of the District of Delaware imposed in standing orders this year. Those disclosure requirements have already led the judge to uncover a set of facts in connection with patent-assertion entities and their attorneys that the judge found troubling.”

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