In Feature Article, Melanie Seelig Offers Practical Guidance to Companies Seeking to Incorporate AI Tools

| Melanie Seelig

In the article “What to Consider When Using Artificial Intelligence in Business,” partner Melanie Seelig was quoted extensively by Bellevue, Washington-based publication 425 Business about risk mitigation strategies for businesses using generative artificial intelligence (AI) tools.

In the piece, Seelig discusses key issues businesses need to consider related to the use of AI such as potential liability, intellectual property infringement, and data security. To address these issues, Seelig recommends strategies for responsible use of AI tools, such as ensuring human oversight and seeking legal advice—particularly when the AI tool is being used for commercial purposes.

“If you’re going to use it,” she says, “you should ideally … have at least someone closely analyzing what the output is. This includes spot-checking any issues with it before you use it in whichever way you’re going to use it. And it’s evaluating how you’re going to use it.”

 Seelig also highlights the importance of reading and understanding terms of service for AI platforms, and of businesses educating their employees about the proper use of generative AI.

 Ultimately, Seelig recommends that companies determine how they’re going to adopt use of generative AI, what their risk profile is, and how AI tools can be used safely to minimize risk.

 Read the full interview here.