Knobbe Martens Again Successfully Defends Masimo in Litigation

Knobbe Martens is pleased to announce that it has obtained a dismissal of patent litigation brought by Dominion Assets LLC (“Dominion”) against long-time Knobbe client, Masimo Corporation. This is the fourth patent case against Masimo by an entity not practicing the asserted patents, all dismissed with no payment by Masimo. 

“We would not be able to stand up to bullies and opportunists if it were not for the talented lawyers from Knobbe Martens,” stated Joe Kiani, Masimo’s founder and CEO. "We value our long history with this world-class team.”

Knobbe Martens Partner Stephen Jensen remarked, “It’s great to have a client that is principled and will not simply pay to settle when they know they are right. Our firm has been honored to represent Masimo from its earliest days, helping Masimo protect and defend its revolutionary pulse oximetry and Pulse CO-Oximetry to the benefit of patients worldwide.”

In 2012, Dominion filed a lawsuit alleging that Masimo infringed three United States patents related to noninvasive blood analyte measurement. In 2014, the court granted Masimo’s motion to dismiss the case. After Dominion refiled, dropping one of its patents, the court agreed with Masimo that several asserted claims were indefinite, and thus invalid. In 2016, Masimo prevailed on summary judgment of invalidity of one Dominion patent on two separate grounds. Recently, Masimo narrowed the case to one asserted claim of a single patent.   

On August 14, 2018, Knobbe obtained a dismissal of the case with prejudice and a covenant not to sue Masimo on all of Dominion’s patents.

Knobbe Martens’ team also included Irfan Lateef, Brian Claassen, Joseph Re, Karen Weil, and Mark Kachner.

This case is Dominion Assets LLC v. Masimo Corporation et al, No. 5:14-cv-03002 (N.D. Cal)

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