Wells Fargo Twice Found Guilty of Willfully Infringing Patents on Remote Check Depositing Technology

| Mark Kachner

USAA filed multiple patent infringement lawsuits against Wells Fargo, alleging widespread infringement of USAA’s patented technologies on remote check deposits for mobile banking systems.  Last November, a jury in a first case found that Wells Fargo willfully infringed some asserted patents and awarded $200 million in damages.  Execution of that judgment is stayed for post-judgment motions.  Again last week, a separate jury in a second case found that Wells Fargo willfully infringed different asserted patents, also covering remote check depositing technology, and awarded more than $100 million in damages.  It remains to be seen if the damages in these cases overlap to any extent.  It also remains to be seen what arguments Wells Fargo raises in post-judgment motions or on appeal.

The cases are United Services Automobile Association v. Wells Fargo, Case Nos. 2:18-cv-00245 (E.D. Tex.) and 2:18-cv-00366 (E.D. Tex.)

Editors: Paul Stewart, Brian Horne & Yanna S. Bouris