Schrader Hit With $31 Million Patent Verdict Over Tire Pressure Sensors

| Mark Kachner

A Delaware jury has awarded Wasica Finance over $31 million in patent damages against Schrader Int’l.  In 2013, Wasica accused Schrader Int’l of infringing a patent entitled “Device for Monitoring and the Air-Pressure in Pneumatic Tires Fitted on Vehicle Wheels,” based on Schrader’s sales of tire pressure sensors used by numerous automobile manufacturers.   During the suit, Schrader petitioned for IPR, but in a mixed ruling, the PTAB upheld patentability on several claims.  Wasica took a single patent claim to trial and the jury found Schader liable for infringement.

The case is Wasica Finance GmbH et al v. Schrader International Inc., Case No. 1:13-cv-1353-LPS (D.Del).

Editors: Brian Horne, Yanna S. Bouris & Paul Stewart