Funding Strategies in the Generative AI World – Why Patents Should Still Matter to Investors: A Conversation with Technology Disruptor and CEO Linda Bernardi

| Mauricio Uribe

In this episode of the Knobbe IP+ podcast, Knobbe Martens partner Mauricio A. Uribe speaks with author, technology disruptor, strategist and CEO Linda Bernardi on the role of patent strategies in VC funding opportunities and due diligence. 

Leveraging Linda’s current role as CEO at XdMind Inc., a revolutionary company using AI to dynamically adapt music to video gaming, as well as her previous executive-level experience at IBM, Element AI, and Consensys, Mauricio and Linda explore the role of IP strategies for AI-based technologies. They delve into shifting attitudes around patent strategy for AI-based technologies and how startups can leverage robust IP portfolios in VC funding, especially through a strong patent strategy.  The podcast closes with a detailed discussion on the impact of cyclical variation in VC innovation funding based on the economic environment and its relation to IP strategies. 

Listen to the episode below or read the full transcript here.

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