The Recorder Publishes Irfan Lateef and Ben Shiroma Article on Associate Development Strategies

| Irfan LateefBen K. Shiroma

Partner Irfan Lateef and associate Ben Shiroma authored the article, "A Long-Term Approach to Associate Development," which was published by The Recorder on

Lateef and Shiroma discuss how law students or recent graduates can study a firm’s approach on associate development when choosing which firm to work for. They argue that a firm’s approach to associate development is a holistic matter that resists pithy labels and that one should look for qualitative and quantitative indicators of how a firm treats you. They write, “Ask about the types of work attorneys do and how they interact with partners, teams, and clients. Inquire about the partner feedback they receive. Ask where they see themselves two or three years down the road. Find out how many associates are in their second, third, fourth year, and so on. Ask about how many equity partners were associates at the firm.”

A firm’s approach to associate development, Lateef and Shiroma argue, “provides a more concrete approach to firm selection.” They say that law students and associates should “[t]ry to find a firm that aligns with your professional goals. If you desire a long legal career, seek a firm that takes a similarly long view of your development.”

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