Mauricio Uribe Discusses the USPTO’s Proposal for a Separate Design Patent Bar in Managing IP Article

| Mauricio Uribe

Partner Mauricio Uribe was quoted in the Managing IP article “Lowering the bar? Counsel concerned by USPTO design patent plan.” The article discusses the USPTO’s proposal of a separate design patent bar and the opportunities and risks associated with it.

The article shares some concerns among counsels who believe the proposed change could lead to confusion among clients who do not understand IP nuances. Addressing some of the potential concerns, Uribe says he “hopes that design patent attorneys and agents will clarify what they’re qualified to advise on.” However, he also shares that the risk of client confusion may not be too different than in other cases, saying, “But that’s not a lot different than what you’d have if you went to a person who focuses their practice on trademark law. This to me would be more of the same.”

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