In Life Sciences IP Review, Sabing Lee and Kregg Koch Discuss IP Strategies for Bringing Medical Devices to Market

| Sabing LeeKregg Koch

Knobbe Martens partners Sabing Lee and Kregg Koch authored “Medical device innovations and IP: A strategy is everything,” published in Life Sciences IP Review. In the piece, the authors discuss the ways medical inventions evolve from concept to commercial production and the necessity of intellectual property protection. They write, “A properly executed IP strategy, tailored to the medical device industry, is critical for protecting innovation, creating company value and ultimately supporting the commercialization of products that will benefit patients.”

They add that it is especially important for solo inventors or early-stage companies to seek IP protection early on, before disclosing their ideas to others. Lee and Koch provide examples of such protection including through provisional patent applications, non-disclosure agreements and IP assignments.

The authors go on to discuss IP strategies and the importance of IP specifically to the medical device industry. They share that a strong IP portfolio can be a valuable asset to an early-stage company as it can “prevent others from copying a company’s innovation, and demonstrates to investors the company’s ability to establish a future market.”

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