In Feature Story, Daily Journal Highlights Sixty Years of Success at Knobbe Martens

Marking its 60th year anniversary, Knobbe Martens, one of the most respected intellectual property law firms in the nation, was featured in the Daily Journal article, “Knobbe Martens Wants To Be The World’s Best IP Firm. Maybe It Already Is”.

Speaking on what has made the firm successful for 60 years, managing partner Steven Nataupsky, who has been in this role since 2005, said, “I think at one point if we said we wanted to be all things to all people and be a general practice firm, we may not be as successful as we are today. [We] want to be the best IP firm on the planet and we’ve continued with that goal.”

Partner and co-chair of the firm’s medical devices practice group, Sabing Lee, added, “Every client has different legal issues so we are constantly dealing with complex problems that really involve a high level of brain activity.” Lee, who is commemorating 25 years with the firm this year, added “We pretty much handle any sort of technology that anybody can think of and so there’s always going to be a place for somebody no matter their technical background.”

Partner and co-chair of the firm’s litigation practice group, Sheila Swaroop, who has been with the firm for 22 years shared the importance and continued efforts by the attorneys to constantly stay up-to-date with legal news and procedural changes to best service their clients. Swaroop explained that everyone at the firm prioritizes understanding the latest developments in technology when meeting with clients. She says, “We can talk the talk so we can get right into it with them. I think that’s one of our strengths.”

The article also spoke about the strong culture at the firm and the long tenures many attorneys have at Knobbe Martens—highlighting the fact that Nataupsky, Lee and Swaroop have all spent decades with the firm. Nataupsky spoke to the firm’s shorter than average partnership track of six years and its investment in “helping all its associates become future co-owners of the firm from Day One” as reasons why associates join—and remain with—Knobbe Martens.

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