Bloomberg Law Quotes Curtiss Dosier on Patent Enforcement in Formula 1 Racing

| Curtiss Dosier

In the Bloomberg Law article “GM Touts Racing Innovation, IP Boon as It Bids to Join Formula 1,” partner Curtiss Dosier, who co-chairs the firm’s mechanical engineering group, commented on the general state of patent enforcement in Formula 1 racing.

The article focuses on auto manufacturer General Motors’ bid to join the Formula 1 racing league and the benefits the company could gain in terms of their intellectual property asset portfolio.

In response to the article’s analysis of auto manufacturers’ sometimes unorthodox approach to patents in auto racing, Dosier offered his thoughts on the lack of patent enforcement in the league, noting that auto racing’s international governing body, the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile, doesn’t appear to explicitly prohibit assertion of patents by one team against another. But, Dosier added, its regulations and ability to ban specific technologies discourage patent enforcement among the teams and other official F1 suppliers.

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