In Bloomberg Law Opinion Piece, Susan Natland Makes the Case for a Trademarks for Humanity Act

| Susan M. Natland

Knobbe Martens partner Susan Natland authored “A Trademarks for Humanity Act Would Lift Companies, Consumers,” published in Bloomberg Law.  In the opinion piece, she points to the Patents for Humanity Act signed by President Joe Biden on December 20, 2022, which codified the Patents for Humanity Program. She urges Congress and the White House to do the same and codify the Trademarks for Humanity Program, a move that would benefit the economy, consumers, and humanitarian efforts.  

Natland, who is the immediate past chair of the USPTO Trademark Public Advisory Committee, writes that legislation codifying the program would—among other benefits—reward and promote trademark owners to use their trademarks in ways that bring awareness to social issues and giving back.

Natland notes that IP-intensive industries “accounted for $7.8 trillion in US annual gross domestic product, with $6.9 trillion—about one-third of the entire US GDP—coming from trademark-intensive industries alone.” She adds, “A codified Trademarks for Humanity Program would highlight the role trademarks play in businesses and the economy, how they can impact consumer decision-making, and be used to better society. It would foster competitiveness and economic growth and provide a great opportunity to advance American businesses, entrepreneurs, and the economy overall. And it would do all of this while promoting social responsibility and supporting brands that are furthering humanitarian issues.”

Read the full article here (PDF).