Other Professionals

At Knobbe Martens, our people matter. Our professionals work as a cohesive team to deliver outstanding work product and extraordinary service to the clients we serve. We are dedicated to actively fostering fulfilling professional relationships at all levels and across the firm, and support creativity, respect and professionalism. We believe in working hard, but also in maintaining a work/life balance and sense of family, both at home and at work. As a result, our professionals feel challenged, stimulated, purposeful and motivated, and choose to remain with us over the long run.

Patent Scientists

Providing deep knowledge of the science behind our service, our patent scientists are a driving force behind the preparation and prosecution of patent applications.

Our team represents a wide range of technical areas including electrical engineering, optics, telecommunications, computer software, medical, biology, biotechnology, biochemistry, chemistry, and mechanical engineering.

But areas are not boundaries. We encourage cross-disciplinary participation, creating an environment that is collaborative, challenging and exciting.

As a member of our team, you’ll be actively supported though a number of industry-leading policies and programs:

Structured Career Path that outlines goals and formally recognizes professional achievement Mentorship Program
Weekly in-house educational lunches
Support for continuing education and training
Outstanding benefits, including generous paid time off

We promote a diverse, open atmosphere. There’s no artificial pressure to bill extra hours. And we provide for a healthy work/life balance. Because you can’t move the world forward if you’re not an active part of it.

Please direct any questions regarding our Patent Scientist opportunities to our Recruiting Manager.

Learn how our patent scientists feel about our firm...

Neil Bartfeld, Ph.D., Patent Scientist, 16 years
“I've been with Knobbe Martens for 16 years, and greatly enjoy the collegial environment, the positive attitude of the attorneys and staff and the overall firm culture. I'm awarded a great deal of autonomy and responsibility, and feel that my contributions are valued by the firm. I enjoy the challenging and varied projects with which I am involved, and the daily interaction with both U.S. and foreign clients.”

Raymond Smith, Ph.D., Patent Scientist, 17 years
“I’m involved with all aspects of patent application preparation and prosecution. By developing creative strategies and solutions, I’m able to shape and add value at every step. I’ve found the work environment here to be outstanding and exceptional. My team is friendly and highly-skilled. And management has developed practices that are forward-thinking, efficient, and allow for maximum productivity.”

Professional Staff

Our staff members are deeply involved with helping us deliver unmatched service and solutions. They’re essential members of our team, and as such, are given responsibilities and recognition simply not offered by other firms our size.

In addition to generous compensation and benefits, we provide interested staff members with countless opportunities to develop their professional skills, including educational assistance programs and extensive in-house training.

And because we believe that all work and no play make for a dull law firm, we promote a healthy work/life balance. We have a generous paid time-off policy, as well as flexible alternative work arrangements, comprehensive leave programs and numerous activities both in the office and in the community.

It’s little wonder that 40 percent of our staff has been with us 10 years or longer. When you find a good thing, you keep it.

Learn how our staff feels about our firm...

Daima Phipps, Process Analysis Coordinator, 26 years
“In my time here I’ve transitioned from IP Assistant, to New Employee Trainer, to Practice Coordinator, to my current position as Process Analysis Coordinator. The faith my attorneys had in me was a driving force in my quest to learn and do more.”

Sherry Spitzer, IP Assistant, 24 years
"I’ve been in the legal field for 39 years and the working atmosphere here is one of the best. Knobbe Martens genuinely cares about their employees and goes above and beyond what an employer should. Many people who have left the firm for greener pastures have returned. That says it all.”

Cher Lancaster, Docketing Specialist/Annuities, 18 years
"I enjoy working here simply because this firm strives for excellence each day and staff members from several departments work together to get the job done. Teamwork is the key. We never leave the responsibility to just one person, we work together. We’re a family!”