Law Student Recruiting

We don’t hire associates, we hire future partners.

We hire attorneys who don’t simply see the future, but shape it. Who expect great things of themselves, and foster greatness in others.

We’ve assembled what we consider to be the finest team of IP attorneys in the world. And we’re passionate about keeping and growing that team. Organically. Internally. Through paths as diverse as the people who pursue them.

That’s why we seek attorneys who welcome challenges and the opportunities those challenges create. People whose talent, motivation, energy and creativity are on display every day (along with a smile).

So why should you want to be part of our team?

We don’t churn and burn. We don’t hire more summer associates than the number of full-time associate offers we expect to extend. Likewise, we don’t hire more associates than we expect to eventually make partner. And there’s no limit to how many associates are admitted to the partnership each year. Bottom line: we don’t want you looking over your shoulder. We want you looking ahead to your future.

You grow, we grow. There’s a reason we’re one of the largest IP law firms in America. People stay here. They flourish and succeed thanks to our unmatched training, mentorship and continuing education programs. It’s really a pretty simple formula. The better you get, the better we all get. The better we all get, the better our clients get. Which gets right back to you.

The freedom to be your best. We have only one thing to say to attorneys who want to broaden their practices: Go for it. New associates are encouraged to work on a variety of projects, and are provided with the flexibility to try their hand at litigation and/or prosecution and client practice. As our attorneys progress, we bring out their best by giving them more challenging tasks and responsibilities. That means you’ll be able to work on many cases in many areas with people whose doors—and minds—are always open.

Your life is not a timesheet. Around here you get rewarded for working smarter, not longer. We don’t keep track of who was last to leave the office. We applaud our attorneys for producing quality work, for pitching in when help is needed, and for keeping their clients happy. If the court or a client demands we work into the night, we’ll gladly do it – in the spirit of excellent client service.


Summer Program

When you get to know us for a summer, you want to come back.

As a Knobbe Martens Summer Associate, you’ll contribute to one of the world’s leading IP law firms. And we’re not talking about just doing research and writing memos. You’ll be on the front lines—growing, advancing, and being part of a world- class team.

We pack a lifetime of learning into ten short weeks. You’ll have the opportunity to take on a wide variety of assignments ranging from patent prosecution to licensing to litigation. You’ll also attend client meetings and hearings when possible, and participate in professional activities designed to give you real-world experience. All under the guidance of a Partner Mentor and Host Associate.

Our Training Program is both deep and diverse. We offer classes in numerous facets of IP law including Patents, Trademarks, Litigation & Brief Writing, Legal Research, and License Agreements. And when class is out, you’ll have a chance to get together with the Knobbe Martens family in a series of casual, off-site events such as baseball games, a surf camp, and even a day at Disneyland.

Not surprisingly, a majority of our full-time associates are graduates of our Summer Associate program. They’ve seen what it’s like to belong here. And what a difference they can make here.

Our Summer Associate Program is available to qualified students who have completed their second year of law school. We also consider a limited number of qualified students who have completed their first year of law school. There are two ways to apply, either directly by using the appropriate link below, or through an on-campus interview at your school.

If you would like to apply for a 1L Summer Associate position, please click here.

If you would like to apply for a 2L Summer Associate position, please click here.

Please direct any questions to our Attorney Recruiting Manager.

1L Diversity Scholarship Program

As part of our commitment to diversity in the workplace, Knobbe Martens is proud to offer a 1L Diversity Scholarship Program which is open to qualified first-year law students interested in Intellectual Property Law. Recipients of the scholarship will be awarded a paid summer associate position following their first year of law school and a grant of up to $15,000. After completing the 1L Summer Associate Program, recipients will receive a grant of $7,500 and may receive an offer to return for the 2L Summer Associate Program. After completing the 2L Summer Associate Program, recipients may receive an offer to join the firm as an associate. If the offer is accepted, an additional $7,500 will be awarded. Applications for the 1L Diversity Scholarship Program will be accepted through January 31st. For more information, please click here to access our informational flier and application.

Please direct any questions to our Attorney Recruiting Manager.


3L Recruiting

Now is your time, here is your place.

Whatever career path you’re on, we’re glad it’s led you here. We have built our firm by recruiting highly qualified professionals with top notch credentials.

Whether you’re a third-year law student, a recent graduate, or simply looking for a challenge you can’t get elsewhere, we’ll give you the opportunity to go as far as your talent and effort can take you. And we’ll support and mentor you along the way, with training developed and delivered by some of the best legal minds in the business.

But we won’t just train you. We’ll give you the chance to interact directly with world-class clients right from the start. It’s pretty uncommon for first-year associates to be handed so much responsibility so soon.

Then again, no one was ever remembered for being common.

Please direct any questions to our Attorney Recruiting Manager.


On Campus & Job Fairs

We’re Right Where You Are.

As part of our active student outreach, we regularly participate in on-campus job and recruiting events—including the Patent Law Interview Program and SFIPLA Job Fair. They’re your chance to learn more about our unique culture and career opportunities, and chat one-on-one with a Knobbe Martens representative about your personal and professional plans.

For a list of our upcoming recruiting events and on-campus interviewing dates, please click here.

Don’t see your school listed on the calendar? Can’t attend the events listed? No worries. Start the conversation here and we’ll contact you directly to continue the dialogue.