Knobbe/Martens: Intellectual Property Law


If you’re going to go to trial, you want to go with the best. The attorneys at Knobbe Martens have proven themselves to be just that, having successfully tried so many cases in courts around the country, whether to the bench or to the jury. We represent our clients with passion and professionalism. Our preparation is exhaustive, and our technical expertise is all encompassing.

We persuasively present and explain complex concepts to juries and the court—whether we are obtaining multi-million dollar damages awards and injunctions on behalf of IP owners, or securing verdicts of non-infringement, invalidity and no damages for defendants. We help our clients quickly identify the end game, and then effectively use trial victories to help achieve it. Many of our litigators have been law clerks in federal courts around the country and have decided to join our practice because of our successes in court. 

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