Knobbe/Martens: Intellectual Property Law



In the Matter of Certain Notebook Computer Products and Components Thereof
We represented Toshiba in an ITC investigation (and a parallel district court action) involving patents on computer hardware and software features. We prosecuted the ITC investigation through discovery, with depositions taking place in Japan, Taiwan, the US and Korea.  Just before trial and after defeating each summary judgment motion brought by Wistron, the case settled with Wistron paying for a license under Toshiba's patents.

Wistron also brought counterclaims on power management patents. We successfully obtained a dismissal of the claims on these patents for lack of standing.

In the Matter of Certain Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamp Inverter Circuits and Products Containing Same
We represented Microsemi Corporation in an ITC investigation on O2 Micro International LLC’s patents. We successfully obtained an Order from the Administrative Law Judge (“ALJ”) that Microsemi’s chips do not directly infringe. The ITC ultimately found no infringement by Microsemi under the theories of inducement or contributory infringement. O2 Micro has appealed.

In the Matter of Certain Personal Watercraft and Components
We represented Yamaha in an ITC investigation against Bombardier Inc. on Yamaha’s watercraft patents. The case progressed through a four-week hearing before the ALJ. Just before the ALJ’s initial determination was issued, the parties settled.

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