Knobbe/Martens: Intellectual Property Law

Copyright and Design Patent Litigation

We manage all aspects of our client’s copyright and design patent needs in a wide variety of industries, including computer software, video games, fashion, marketing, toys, packaging, medical devices, entertainment, and many others. We routinely provide strategic advice to clients on enforcing their copyrights and design patents, as well as strategies to avoid and defend infringement claims.

When enforcing or defending infringement claims, we focus on effective and creative strategies to achieve the client’s objectives; from the initial cease and desist letters, to enforcing or defending copyright claims and design patent claims in litigation. We have extensive experience with prior art searching to invalidate design patents. 

Where appropriate, we position cases for settlement, guide our clients through mediation or in bringing cases to successful resolution in court, while also helping our clients to obtain reimbursement for legal fees and insurance contribution to defense fees and settlement funds. 

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