Knobbe/Martens: Intellectual Property Law

Antitrust & Patent Misuse Litigation

Knobbe Martens offers a unique blend of technical skill, business acumen, strategic ability, and legal acuity in the area of antitrust law and the preservation of intellectual property. Our firm litigates claims involving a wide range of antitrust issues, including monopolization, attempted monopolization, tying, group boycotts, conspiracies, bundling, price fixing, exclusive dealing, restraint of trade and patent misuse. We also structure agreements that strike the right balance between our client’s business goals and compliance with antitrust laws.

Our firm is highly adept at handling antitrust cases involving sophisticated and cutting-edge technologies. Our attorneys across all offices maintain strong technical and scientific backgrounds in addition to hands-on experience in both the law and industry. As a result, we immediately understand even the most complex innovation, providing clients with practical insight into the impact of our legal counsel on commercial objectives.

Moreover, we deliver valuable expertise on cases at the vanguard of antitrust issues and IP rights. Our attorneys have decades of experience protecting and enforcing IP of all kinds. We are agile and able to anticipate and mitigate the discrepancies that occur in antitrust and IP law. Our team provides the requisite solutions needed to vigorously defend against the patent misuse and antitrust counterclaims that arise in today’s patent infringement assertions.

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