Knobbe/Martens: Intellectual Property Law

Healthcare Information Technology


Masimo Corporation
The firm represented Masimo Corporation in a patent infringement case involving pulse oximeters and signal processing. After trial and appeal, Masimo settled the case and received $330 million and additional future royalties, the largest recorded settlement in an IP case filed in Orange County, California.

Nobel Biocare USA, LLC v. Technique D'Usinage Sinlab
We obtained summary judgment for Nobel Biocare.  Competitor Sinlab accused Nobel of willfully infringing five U.S. patents for computerized dental surgery planning and customized dental prosthetics.  The parties had litigated related patents for years in Canada and Europe. To quickly end this infringement threat, we filed a declaratory judgment action in the "rocket docket" of the Eastern District of Virginia. Only six months after filing suit, the court granted summary judgment of non-infringement on all patents at issue. The case subsequently settled globally very favorably to Nobel.

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