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Communications Technology


Broadcom Corporation
Knobbe Martens has served as lead trademark counsel for all of Broadcom Corporation’s worldwide trademark matters, including: liaised with in-house legal and domain name team to establish and execute worldwide domain name enforcement and procurement strategy for Broadcom Corporation despite challenges due to ever increasing number of generic and country code level domain names.

Exemplary trademark enforcement matters include:  Broadcom Corporation v. Peter Ihesie (aka Broadcom Networks)  (2011 NAF) (domain name transferred due to successful domain name action); Broadcom Corporation v. Domain Name Management/ Syed Hussain (NAF 2012) (domain name transferred due to successful domain name action); Broadcom Corporation v. Broadphone LLC (TTAB 2009) (represented Broadcom in obtaining summary judgment against Broadphone LLC).

Schindler Elevator Corp. and Inventio AG v. Otis Elevator Co.
We achieved a complete victory for Schindler in jury trial in Manhattan involving Schindler’s patented Schindler ID® elevator system. After a two-week jury trial, the jury answered all 33 questions in Schindler’s favor and the district court entered a permanent injunction. We previously represented Schindler in a successful appeal overturning an erroneous claim construction and obtaining reversal of noninfringement ruling.

Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization (CSIRO) v. Toshiba America Information Systems, Inc.
CSIRO sued our client, Toshiba, and other leading laptop, desktop and wireless product manufacturers, alleging that their products that comply with the IEEE 802.11a, g or n standards infringed its patent. Previously, one company had been found to infringe the patent and was subject to a permanent injunction. In conjunction with the other defendants, the defense group was able to successfully settle the case after the fourth day of trial when the invalidity defense was presented to the jury.

Custom Connect v. Bartholomew
We represented the plaintiff Custom Connect in a case involving customer lists. We obtained a permanent injunction and judgment by consent, an apology letter to the industry, and a substantial settlement payment from the defendants.

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